Hi, my name is Jenjer, Owner & Jewelry Designer for FJJCreations.com


The man you see holding me is the love of my life and best friend.

I am originally from the Mid-West in America and now reside here in Holland.
Moving across the ocean was a pretty big step for this small town girl.
But it has proven to be the best step I have ever taken.


Had you asked me back in 2003 if I would ever be making jewelry, I would have giggled.
I had no understanding of the jewelry world, but little did I know at the time what a blessing & miracle it was going to be for me.

I have a hectic, crazy, roller coaster life and I love it! I am so very blessed in my world and I firmly believe...
"You have to go through Battles to appreciate the Conquers".

I was always a very healthy person, never sick much in life, that is until 2008.
From there it was a a chain reaction.... I am a warrior of:
Ulcerative Colitis, Ehlers Danlos, CVID, Ramsay Hunt w/Facial Paralysis,
Fibromyalgia & Ovarian Flare

Now that's a mouth full I know....lol
This is when #FJJC design focus changed more into the awareness area.

What #FJJCreations has become is very special to me.
I have met some amazing people on this journey, many now friends.
It's crazy to realize that all started with a special piece of jewelry.

Thanks for reading I appreciate you taking the time to get to know a little about me.
Hugs, Jenjer

Fusing Art With Design

In 2003 Jenjer had an idea to start creating artistic designs and fusing her digital art style with her jewelry pieces. Creating one of a kind designs and blending colors and styles to match the digital abstract art designs from her flower photography.

#FJJCreations was founded in 2004

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