Web Designs- Custom Made For You

Hi, my name is Jenjer
Owner & Designer for FJJC/TKWinkel Web Designs


If you are here then you have come across a website that I designed.

Larger companies will over charge the little guy much more than what is really needed.

I have been designing websites for over 10 years and do this in my free time to help those with a smaller budget be able to get online and noticed.

Trying to create your own website design can not only be time consuming, it could prove to more than you can handle.

I can help you build a site from a simple landing page to a fully advanced site with graphics and video embedding.

After your site is done I understand from time to time pages or text will need to be updated.

I handle that for you at a very low maintenance cost.

Whether you are in need of a simple landing page or a full interactive site, I will gladly work with you to help get you a website at a price you can afford.

Interested in seeing some of my other website designs?
Contact me and I will send you my reference sites list.

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