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Melanies Mission To Live

FJJC was HONORED to help with the request for Spoon Designs, we sent $35.00 in donation designs for Melanie's upcoming fundraiser auction.

#MelaniesMissionToLiveđź’ś..I had the honor of meeting a friend to Melanie a few weeks back. She sent me the news link to the story about Melanie. It hit my heart so heavy, she suffers from #EhlersDanlos, it really made me stop in my tracks and thank God for my blessings. #FJJC is HONORED to help with some donation spoon items for Mels upcoming fundraiser. Mel is only 26years old. Graduate of Newcastle University's school of Biology. Once a bubbly & energetic student, she is now bedridden & in agonizing pain with constant & horrific neurological symptoms including episodes of paralysis & many seizures daily! This is caused by Cranio-Cervical instability. It's heartbreaking and we all know this sort pain and hurt is everywhere you turn.

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